Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

What You Can Do

Simple steps to improve the quality of the pedestrian environment

  • FiguresWalking.gif (1511 bytes)Take a bag and pick up litter where you walk, to make the pedestrian space more pleasant.

  • Walk your child to school with the Partnership For A Walkable America checklist.

  • Ask your PTA or School Board to take part in National Walk Our Children to School Day.

  • Trim back shrubbery by your yard that blocks the sidewalk or pedestrian space.

  • Remove snow and ice promptly from the sidewalks on your property.

  • Ask the City or County to trim back shrubbery that creates problems for pedestrians at nearby corners.

  • Have your Community Association organize a neighborhood work day for trimming back overgrown vegetation along sidewalks in the entire neighborhood.

  • Write a letter to your Mayor, City Council, or Commissioners asking for sidewalks or other pedestrian improvements where you live or work.

  • Write your State Legislature and Governor, asking for the state Department of Transportation to pay more attention to pedestrians. Insist that every state road project in populated areas automatically include sidewalks and crosswalks.

  • Go to public hearings. If a project doesn't include sidewalks, ask why not?

  • Circulate a petition for sidewalks in your neighborhood.

  • Form your own pedestrian advocacy group. Ask for advice from America Walks.

  • Get out and walk. Set an example for your neighbors.

..... and finally, of course you can ......

Figures walking  image courtesy of Wendy Bumgardner, Walking Guide